Welcome to SmartMix

What is SmartMix?

The smartest mix of cover crops for your field is the one that you custom design for your field! That is the premise behind Green Cover Seed's powerful SmartMix Calculator 4.0. You choose your goals, we help you select the cover crops that meet the goals and we custom mix it just for you!

SmartMix is unique within the industry, with immediate feedback on price and goal fulfillment along with a suite of mix attributes, Powerful, Instructional, Interactive, and Visual, SmartMix 4.0 can help you make the smartest mix for your fields

See what's new in SmartMix 4!

Useful Charts

We have implemented charts that are updating on the fly as you make your mix, helping you identify the strengths and weaknesses of your selections.

New Design

The new release of SmartMix features a more responsive design and aims to accommodate more screen sizes and devices.

Improved Security

Protecting your information is important to us. Use SmartMix with confidence that your personal data is safe.

Faster calculation

Our new calculator features blazing fast calculation speeds!